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RAID Schedule
Sep 17, 08 5:26 PM
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What is Blue?

Blue is a World of Warcraft Guild located on the Akama Server. We are dedicated to a fun, consistent progress through the content provided by Blizzard.  We are currently ramping up for WOTLK.  Consistent raid attendance should be expected from any new members.

Who are its members?

Blue is run by raid leaders, officers and lieutenants.  The average age is > 20 and there are some old farts present which make the atmosphere a more tolerant, mature one.  We aren't farting dust, but people that cannot follow simple instructions need not apply.

When does Blue do stuff?

Anytime, we have officers that raid varying upon their personal schedules.


7/9 Black temple    2/5 Hyjal
Full Clears SSC and TK

Why join Blue?

We are a laid back guild with a good attitude, but still want to progress and see all content.  Currently, we are anticipating the release of Wotlk and will advance quickly when it is out.  Persons wanting to join a hardcore guild where obnoxious behavior is tolerated should look elsewhere. 

Currently recruiting:   Shamans and warlocks.
Other Guild News

RAID Schedule

droolbomber, Sep 17, 08 5:26 PM.
We will be using the in-game Raid Calender for raid sign-ups.

Please remember to check the forums as we are implementing a gear distribution system.

Check forums for details.

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